Our Story

In 2014-15, New Orleans participated in a city-wide planning process to increase arts education in public schools. This process was led by leaders of cultural organizations including the City of New Orleans (through the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Economy), KID smART, the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, and Artist Corps New Orleans. Together, they engaged in a planning process facilitated by the Kennedy Center’s Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child program.

Through the program, a 25-member Community Arts Team engaged more than 1,200 people in 29 planning meetings to create a strategy for ensuring equitable access to arts education for every K-8 public school student in New Orleans. With the planning process complete, a new nonprofit was established to implement the goals of the strategic plan. That new organization is the New Orleans Arts Education Alliance, which is now working to turn the strategic plan into action. The initiative is currently housed at KID smART in the Arts Estuary.

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